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Municipal Law

Municipal Law

You hold an office of special trust and confidence. You represent and make decisions for the people who elected you to office. As a municipal leader, you must protect the interests of your constituents. This at times means engaging in litigation.

The financial security of the city or town that you run can be threatened by lawsuits from fired employees, private companies, and even state agencies. Municipal governments must also deal with a range of tort claims, which they must try to get dismissed or settle for as little money as possible. Your biggest challenge will be enforcing municipal laws and regulations.

To do all this with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness, you will have to bring in outside counsel. You should hire an attorney from Maggs Law who specializes in municipal law. Your lawyer should be able to deal with land use and zoning. This involves the crafting of new zoning ordinances. Your lawyer should also be able to protect your town against the establishment of unwanted or dangerous facilities in it.

Environmental laws and regulations have taken on new urgency over the past decade. It is important to have a municipal lawyer who can assist you in negotiating with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and with other state agencies responsible for protecting people against pollution and hazardous waste. Your lawyer should help you find a balance between the demands of local businesses and the need to protect the environment.

You will also need help navigating your way through complex legal issues that are the object of public attention. Employment discrimination, first amendment claims, and other highly charged issues must be handled with care and discretion. If you need to take legal action against the state or the federal government, then you must have lawyers who can argue before the state and the U.S. Supreme Court.